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Soay Sheep

Soay are one of the prettiest, wildest and smallest sheep breeds in the world. I bought a registered Soay ram in 2010 to cross with my Shetland and Jacob ewes - he was unusual for a Soay in that he was spotty coloured and he produced a lot of beautiful and unusual coloured lambs many of whom still live here. The Soay crosses are very pretty sheep with amazingly soft primitive fleeces. I no longer have the pure Soay ram having let him go to a pedigree Soay flock to do his bit for the breed. Some of our sheep have more Soay blood in them than others, Fudge, Ena, Pip & Posy are Soay type. All the Soay crosses are beautiful looking and very clever. They have wild spirits and will be friendly with you on their terms, they think with their instincts not stomachs which can make catching them a bit difficult at times!
Soay are very primitive sheep, they are very pretty, incredibly nimble and light on their feet. Being small of size and light boned makes them easy to handle. Soay are intelligent sheep, full of spirit and life and semi-wild in nature. They can be more tricky to tame and tricky to catch, they arenโ€™t greedy like a lot of sheep so canโ€™t always be persuaded into a pen for food, they are ruled more by their instincts than their bellies! Soay make fantastic mothers, the lambs are very alert and up on their feet in minutes. Soay are very hardy and healthy sheep, very rarely suffering from foot problems or flystrike. They love browsing and eating weeds and shrub making them ideal for conservation grazing. Soay wool is usually short. It ranges from being super soft to more hairy, coarse and kempy. Generally, you get either โ€˜woollyโ€™ Soay sheep or โ€˜hairy/primitive fleecedโ€™ Soay sheep. Sometimes you get โ€˜semi hairy/woollyโ€™ sheep too! Our registered Soay ram Ben, who we now longer own, had a lovely soft woolly fleece, it was very short in length but crossing him to some of our Shetland/Jacob mixed breed ewes produced many beautiful fleeced lambs, with medium length super soft fleeces!