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We now offer a Sheep rehoming & rescue service.

You can also advertise your sheep for rehoming here on our website.

Any sheep or lamb bought from us is always offered a home back here with us should the need ever arise, no matter how many years down the line! 

We are also able to take in very small numbers of other sheep who are in desperate need of a home or rescue.

If we are unable to take in more sheep due to being high on numbers or due to location we will happily help find new homes for them, via advertising on our website, twitter and facebook page and through any contacts we have.

When we take in sheep as rescues or urgent rehomes we can’t usually guarantee a permanent home with us here (though there are exceptions) but rather we try to find very good new suitable homes for the sheep, thus enabling us to help more sheep in the future.

If you are interested in offering a home to some sheep in need please contact us!

Sheep rehoming and rescue adverts are free, we don’t charge for those.

If you want to advertise any sheep or lambs you have bred for sale you can do so on our For Sale page.

Sheep looking for homes

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Advertise your sheep for rehoming here!

Our Rehoming & Rescue page is specifically for advertising sheep who are in need of new home or who may have been rescued.

Advertising here is free.

We don’t accept ads which are profit based here, this page is purely for those sheep who for whatever reason desperately need a good loving new home, or have been rescued and need a new home.

We do take in sheep ourselves, if we have the space. If you are local or willing to bring the sheep to us we can sometimes offer a temporary (sometimes permanent) home with us and our other sheep.