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Meet the Flock

We share our smallholding with over 50 sheep, all shapes, sizes, colours and breeds! Our first 3 sheep came here in 2006 and multiplied in number from then onwards! Initially several years ago, my main focus was on breeding a desirable small primitive type sheep by crossing Shetland/Jacob/Soay sheep and selling the lambs as pets but that stopped when I had my own children and though there will still be the occasional group of lambs born here my focus has now shifted to purely keeping the sheep for the enjoyment they bring me and for their fleeces - here they have a home for life, well-loved, munching away and growing wool which they hope will pay for their feed and vets bills with maybe even a bit to spare! The main flock are our home bred primitive crossbreed sheep, they are tough little sheep with wild personalities, great colour genetics and beautiful fleeces. We added to this flock in 2018 with lots of different breeds and crossbreeds we now have some wonderful big gentle longwool sheep and the stunning Icelandic's which I have dreamed of owning for years!
Some of our new sheep were very kindly gifted to me, others came here when they were in need of a new home and a couple were saved from a one-way ticket. You can read more about them all and their stories below.

Icelandic Sheep

Friendly Viking sheep with amazing fleeces! We have some pure and crossbreed sheep.

Greyface Dartmoor

Very woolly, cuddly and docile we have a couple pure and some crosses.

Shetland Sheep

Little sheep with big characters and lovely fleeces. We have a couple of pure and lots of part bred Shetlands here.

Wensleydale Sheep

Amazing characters with beautiful fleeces we have a small number of pure and crossbreed Wensleydale sheep.

Soay Sheep

Beautiful and dainty they have a lovely soft primitive fleece. We have lots of Soay crosses.

Jacob Sheep

My first sheep were 3 Jacob sheep and now I have their descendants - beautiful Jacob crosses.

Gotland Sheep

Truly beautiful sheep with beautiful fleeces and beautiful personalities.

Bowmont Sheep

These rare sheep are part Merino part Shetland and have super fine desirable fleeces.

Valais Blacknose

Possibly the most gentle, friendly and huggable sheep you could meet.

Leicester Longwool

Beautiful, big, wooly sheep with inquisitive friendly personalities.

Welsh Mountain

The sheep breed local to our area. These hairy creatures are incredibly tough and full of character.

Blueface Leicester

Big, elegant beauties. These sheep have gentle personalities and the most amazing ears and noses.